The Mists of Ravenloft

Journey to the Dead Hills

FLAURMONT 14th, Soladain

The beginning of the day was spent gathering supplies and purchasing new items from the town of Skald. Little John’s equipment was ready for pick up from the blacksmith and the party of Robin, Little John, and Salandriel headed out by late afternoon.

With information provided by Akirel the party determined that the whereabouts of the Crown of Soldiers lied somewhere near the border of Bluetspur in an area Salandriel refered to as the Arkalias Hills or more commonly spoken of by the locals as The Dead Hills. The only clue they had to go on was that the crown would be found in the place where bones lie.

The journey got off to a bad start when after the first hour of travel through the party had determined that they were lost. Deeper they traveled into the redwood forest with acknowledgement of where they were heading. Little John feared that once again the mists would come and take them away, but it was at this point the Robin had remembered that he had a compass.

With compass now in hand, Salandriel navigated the party back to the southern borders of the realm where they found there first glimpse of the Arkalias Hills.

After another couple hours of travel over the hills, dusk began to set in. On a nearby hill a lone camp fire could be spotted. The party decided to travel to the camp with the idea that they would be better protected in these hills in greater numbers.

Once they reached the campfire, Little John and Robin were shocked to discover Aeolus and Nalia, there former companions whom they had not scene in over a week. As if this coincidence was not proof enough of the gods existence, Thorn stepped out of the woods, claiming to have been tracking Little John and Robin for sometime.

With a new adventure on hand, Robin and Aeolus agreed to bury the hatchet between them and focus on the new task at hand. Somewhere in these hills Robin claims they will find the place where the bones lie and there the Crown that once returned will not them a 3000 gold pay day.

Deciding that the adventure would be best started in the morning, the party bedded down for the night. Thorn took first watch when he discovered a small band of Kobolds attempting to sneak into the camp sight. After a blast of a powerful sleep spell form Aeolus, Little John continued to slaughter the remaining Kobolds while they slept and leaving only one alive.

When the final kobold reawoke, Thorn and Aeolus proceeded to torture the creature over there camp fire until it told them where his hide out was. Screaming in pain, and with Nailia begging the group to stop their torture, the little kobold confessed to his tribes hide out south of their position in the canyon caves.

Nalia transformed into an eagle to survey the land and true enough, about a mile south form their camp site a canyon gorge was found. With the final message, Robin decided to end the creature misery and pierced it through it’s throat ending its life.

The group continued to bed, resting for the journey to the canyon.



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