The Mists of Ravenloft

Enter Kartakass

Exiting the mists, the group found themselves within a misty forest. Eager to return home, Nalia set about finding a recognizable route through the woods. It soon became evident that the forest lacked any recognizable features. Could they still be far from home?

Transforming into an eagle, Nalia soared high into the sky. In the distance, a small settlement grew from a cliff beside a river. The party traveled on to the town in an effort to determine where they are and how far they had to get back to home.

The party soon arrived at the town of Harmonia. Not only did the surrounding forest lack any recognizable fauna, but no one within the small hamlet could speak or understand the parties language. Relying on magical means, the party was able to secure a nights stay within The Longhorn Inn. That evening, the party spent losing themselves to the drink.

One by one, each of the party members passed out. Thorn continued to drink well into the night. A darkness had been creeping over the Barbarian’s thoughts. Before passing through the mists, Thorn had confronted his best friend Tony. The man had been transformed from caring monk to a decaying corpse given undead life. Thorn provided the man with release, and removed him of his head. Thorn has killed many in his life, but having to free his friend Tony of his tortured existence was too much for the simple Barbarian to deal with.

That night, while his party slept, Thorn left the city of Harmonia to find peace within himself and return to the wilderness that would comfort his thoughts.



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